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BSF Payslip 2024: Check your BSF Rank Wise Monthly Salary Structure, Pay Scale PDF, BSF Pay slip Online Login & Download the BSF App from Get your BSF Pay In One Click at This website belongs to the Border Security Force or rather the official portal of BSF.

Joining the Border Security Force (BSF) is the dream of many individuals who are aware of the history that is behind this force. The rise in the number of service personnel and the battalions is evident enough to state the popularity of the force. Therefore, every individual who applies for BSF recruitment may be able to live their dream of serving their country.

So every personnel who is in the force deserves the monthly benefits that are provided for their exceptional service to the nation. Every month they are provided with a salary for their service, so in order, to inquire about the pay the personnel is handed the BSF Payslip online facility by the official website of BSF.

So further on we will discuss various aspects of the payslip including the steps involved in BSF pay slip login and such. Thus troubled candidates should read this post very carefully.

BSF Salary Slip Login Requirements

The BSF personnel should always remember that there are login credentials that are a must for them to log in. So, what you see below are the requirements that have been notified as the official user login details to be provided at the time of BSF salary slip login. The BSF log-in is mandatory are per the norm.

Hence, every BSF employee who wants to download their salary slip must verify their identity through the BSF login portal. Each BSF employee has their personal login credentials. Thus the employees can access their personal payslip account with the help of the login credentials.

  • Username
  • Password

BSF Pay Slip Online Download From

Every individual who joins the Border Security Force (BSF) is already aware that they will be offered a proper monthly salary pay according to their rank and designation in the force.

However, regarding their salary, the personnel is also able to check their monthly BSF pay slip statement through the official website of the force. They are even provided with the BSF Pay slip pdf download facility.

Now other than their monthly pay slip the individuals can also query about their Border Security Force GPF ( General Provident Fund ) pay slip. The facility can be enjoyed only on the official website of the BSF.

When an individual is recruited for this force by the recruiting organization their login ID is created by the force. This login ID is generated using a username and a password which will be unique and different for each person.

The individual must not forget these details because it will be necessary to be produced during the BSF Payslip login to get the statement for a particular month as per the query of the candidate.

STEP 1. Initially, you have to visit the official website of the Border Security Force (

STEP 2. Now on the web enter the

BSF Pay Slip
BSF Pay Slip

STEP 3. Select frontline and then you need to enter your username (IRLA or Regimental Number) and password. Then you must also enter the displayed captcha code.

STEP 4. Once you have entered the required details you can click on the login option.

STEP 5. You can finally, check your BSF payslip details. You can either download or print the salary slip for the desired month.

BSF Pay Slip Check Here
BSF Payslip Portal

BSF Payslip Login Password Recovery

To recover your BSF login password you can visit either or If you can visit either of these websites then you can create your password within 10 minutes. Many BSF employees have come across such problems where due to incorrect passwords their login is denied. So here we have the perfect solution to such a problem.

As per the norms, you can create a new password in case you don’t remember your old password. However, you can reset your BSF login password only through the official website of BSF.

Now in terms of BSF login readers should know that the username or IRLA/Regimental number and the password are most important. Without either of these two credentials, you cannot check your BSF payslip.

STEP 1. Go to

STEP 2. Now once you are on the BSF login page. STEP 3. Once you open the BSF Login Portal look at the bottom of the page. Just beside the Login option, you will see the Forgot Password option. Now click on Forgot Password option.

STEP 4. Now the BSF password recovery portal appears. On this page, you need to enter the required details. So you must have your IRLA or Regimental Number and Date of Birth.

STEP 5. Click on the Submit option once you have entered the required details.

STEP 6. On the next page, the BSF password page appears. Here you have to create a new password and confirm it. Once you have created a new password click on Reset Password.

BSF Payslip Online Login Via

We have updated this section for individuals who wish to download their payslips from Since there are two different website addresses of BSF most individuals are confused.

Now both and are the official websites of the Border Security Force. So, you can get your payslip from either of these websites.

Even though you can follow the steps mentioned above, but we would like to ensure that our readers don’t have future confusion. So below we have mentioned the steps for the payslip process.

  • First, go to
  • On the homepage look for the Pay & GPF/CPF option and click on it.
  • Now a new page will open.
  • Next, on the homepage click on the BSF login option.
  • Now enter your Username, Password, and captcha code.
  • Finally, click on the Login option.
  • At last, your BSF payslip account will be displayed.
  • Download or print the BSF salary slip as you desire. Official Website

BSF Gazetted Officers

These are the higher designations. So their monthly salary is considerably high. Check out the salary structure for each post under this category.

  • Director General: Rs. 1, 20,000.
  • Special Director General: Rs.1, 05,000.
  • Additional Director General: Rs.1,05,000.
  • Inspector General: Rs.90,000.
  • Deputy Inspector General: Rs.85,000.
  • Commandant: Rs.82,000.
  • Second-In-Command: Rs. 73,000.
  • Deputy Commandant: Rs.65,000.
  • Assistant Commandant: Rs.52,000.

BSF Non-Gazetted Officers

This category of the BSF falls under the supervision of the Gazetted officers. So basically, these are the lower ranks of the force. However, below you can check the complete rank-wise structure.

  • Subedar Major: Rs. 45,000.
  • Inspector: Rs. 40,000.
  • Syb-Inspector: Rs. 35,000.
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector: Rs. 31,000.
  • Head Constable: Rs.31,000.
  • Constable: Rs. 23,000.
  • Enrolled Follower: Rs. 18,000.

BSF Pay And Allowances

Along with an attractive monthly salary, the BSF also offers beneficial allowances and perks. These allowances are not included in the monthly salary of BSF personnel.

Every BSF employee is entitled to avail themselves of these allowances. Such allowances are provided in different aspects of life. However, the significance of the allowances is not just limited to the BSF personnel themselves.

Below you can see the complete list of BSF pay and allowances offered by the BSF organization.

  • Accommodation Allowances.
  • Transport Allowances.
  • Dearness Allowances.
  • Education Allowances (For the children of BSF employees).
  • Medical Allowances.
  • Loan facilities.
  • PF & GPF services.
  • Retirement policies.

Among all these allowances, transport, education, medical, and financial allowances are significant. There are several BSF schools that offer education to the children of BSF employees.

Likewise, there are BSF hospitals that offer medical facilities to BSF employees and their families. As per the transportation allowances, the force provides transportation services. In terms of financial assistance such as loan facilities, PF & GPF services are provided. So, all these allowances benefit the BSF employee in one way or the other.


  1. How do I find my BSF payslip? To check your BSF Pay Slip you need to visit the official website i.e. Then click on the login option enter your username, password and click on login, and then download your monthly payslip of BSF.
  2. What is BSF salary? BSF Salary depends on your rank in the BSF. You can check the given table of BSF Rank Wise Salary.
  3. How can I check my payslip BSF? First, visit the site of BSF At the homepage click on Pay & GPF / CPF Slip. Now click on the login link. A new login page will be displayed. Enter your username and password. Now Enter the captcha code. Now click on the Login Button. Click on the specific BSF Payslip that you would like to check. Finally, the individual can download the BSF payslip online.
  4. Where can I find the Hub BSF Payslip App? Apart from the official website of Hub BSF Payslip login portal, the personnel are also authorized to use the official mobile app. This particular app is available specifically for providing BSF payslip services on personal mobile. So, you can download the app either from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

About BSF

Border Security Force popularly known as BSF is one of the major Central Armed Police Forces of India. It was officially formed in the wake of the Indo-Pak War of 1965. Thus, its primary role is guarding and securing the borders of India. As the border guarding organization of India, BSF guards the border with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

This border guarding organization was officially formed on 1st December 1965. It is a Federal agency which is governed by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India. Consequently, the headquarters of the agency is located in New Delhi, India. The current strength of the BSF comprises 265, 000 active personnel.


All information regarding the Border Security Force employee salary slip that was available to me has been provided below. Thus, now as I conclude this article it is only fair to remind our readers that feedback will be appreciated. Lastly, if you have any questions on BSF payslips then you are free to comment below.