BSNL ERP Portal: Login into the BSNL ESS, SAP HRMS Employee portal and download your monthly Salary Slip, and Payslip online at Every month along with the payment of the salaries BSNL as an employer provides the payment particulars.

Now the payment details are specifically meant for the employees of the company. Hence, to get these details employees to need to view their monthly salary payslips.

The individual payslip will be provided, so every employee can get their payslip. However, to get their payslip employees should always follow the proposed instructions. So, as per the norms you first have to log in to your HRMS account.

BSNL ERP Portal Login / Salary Slip

As part of the official mandate, employees can log in through the BSNL ESS Portal. The BSNL ESS portal or Employee Self-Service portal offers several services including BSNL ESS login. Thus, a monthly salary slip can be generated from this portal.

Now onto their login procedure, there are a few things to remember, such as your username or user id and password. Every employee has their unique id and password which enables the portal to identify the visitor.

So, make sure you have the correct detail before you take on the following steps.

STEP 1. As we said first the employees will have to visit the official BSNL ESS Employee Portal (BSNL ESS Portal). Here we have uploaded the official link of the portal (

STEP 2.  The link above will take you to the BSNL ESS employee login portal. At this portal, you have to enter your USERNAME or USER ID and PASSWORD.


STEP 3. After you have entered the required credentials you can click LOG ON.

STEP 4. When you have reached the homepage there you need to take the fourth step. So the fourth step is to select the Employee Self-Service section.

STEP 5. Now for the fifth step, you need to click the Pay Information. Then select the Salary Statement option.

STEP 6. The portal takes a moment before giving you access to your BSNL salary slip details. Then you can check the salary slip of the desired month and year.

STEP 7. You can download the BSNL payslip pdf or get a printout copy of your salary statement.

BSNL ERP Login Check Here

ERP BSNL SAP Login Password Recovery/Reset

In subject to the BSNL employee login, you should know that if you forget your password you can create a new one online. Since the password is a key credential in regards to your login. Thus, being aware of the recovery process can be useful in times of need.

For those who wish to know how to reset the BSNL login password then this section is for you. Here below we have updated the entire process based on the official instructions. Therefore, when you forget your password or wish to create a new one then these are the steps that must be taken.

STEP 1. Since it is related to BSNL ERP SAP login, therefore you have to go to the login portal. Here we have the official BSNL ERP SAP portal link (

STEP 2. Now when you reach the login page you have to click the “RESET HERE “at the side of FORGOT PASSWORD? option.

STEP 3. The portal takes you to the recovery portal. Here you have to enter your Login Id and email address.

STEP 4. After providing the necessary details click SUBMIT. Once you hit the submit option the portal sends a recovery link.

STEP 5. Once you get the link you need to open that link and complete the verification before resetting your password. When your credentials are verified you can create a new password and complete the process.


BSNL ESS HRMS Portal Facilities

The BSNL payslip is not an ordinary document, but for employees, it is the most important document. With the BSNL employee salary slip, you can substantiate your employment with the BSNL. However, employees basically, obtain their payslips to check the details of the salary.

Still, in terms of salary details, there is much other information that you can acquire. Other than your monthly salary payment details you can check tax deductions, EPF, etc. Monthly payment of loan installment  (if any) will be mentioned. Here are the main facilities which you can get through BSNL ERP ESS Portal.

  • Employee Personal Details
  • Salary Summary
  • View BSNL Salary Statement
  • GPF ledger Report
  • PDF details
  • Pension information
  • Employee working hours track details
  • Benefits list by Employer

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To end this article with some more useful information here we present to you a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding BSNL employee payslips.  Interested readers may take a look at the following list of questions and their answers.

  1. How to download BSNL employee payslips online? To download your BSNL payslip you have to log on to the BSNL ERP SAP employee portal. When you have successfully logged on you can then download your payslip. In case you want to know the login process you can check it in the earlier section of this article.
  2. What is a BSNL salary slip? The salary slip or also known as a payslip can be considered a hard copy of your salary statement. It is a piece of document that contains every single detail subjected to your salary. tax, EPF deductions, etc.  The payslip also verifies your employment with the company of BSNL.
  3. How to get BSNL ESS User Id? Generally, the BSNL employee user-id happens to be their 7-digit employee number. So, if your employee number does not work then you can submit an official query to the respective authority or HR.

About BSNL

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL was founded on 1st October 2000. It was also when the BSNL was incorporated by the Government of India. Hence, it is a state-owned telecommunications company, headquartered in New Delhi NCR.

With the largest wireline telecommunications, the fourth-largest wireless telecommunications operator BSNL provides nationwide services. It offers mobile voice and internet services across India and enjoys about 60% market share.

There are three main BSN divisions such as BSNL Mobile, BSNL Broadband, and BSNL Landline. Hence BSNL offers services in regards to fixed-line telephone, mobile phone, broadband, internet television, and IPTV.

The telecommunication company presently has a total number of 70, 216. These employees receive their monthly salary along with their salary statement from the company. Such a statement is referred to as the BSNL employee payslip.

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