CPS Pay Slip, Account Slip, Statement, Annual Slip Online

Download your CPS Pay Slip, Account Statement, and Annual Salary Slip online from the official www.cps.tn.gov.in portal. Furthermore, you can help yourselves with services available for CPS missing card details.

So as per the government scheme employees contribute about 14% of their basic pay as CPS pay. The CPS is a scheme associated with the NPS or National Pension Scheme.

What happens is that a part of your monthly salary is contributed to your CPS account. Your CPS contribution will be made by your employer on your behalf. Such a contribution continues until your retirement.

Now since the CPS transaction is made online thus you will need some accountability. Rather every employee needs assurance regarding their monthly CPS cuts. Therefore you can check your CPS account slip. You can download your CPS account statement.

CPS Pay Slip Login | CPS Account Slip 2021-22

To access your CPS pay slip and other details you should verify your identity through CPS Account slip login. You can log in online at the official CPS portal. For you to log in you need your CPS number and date of birth.

So, every state government employee must follow the instructions set by the authority. In case you are not aware of these instructions then we have just what you need. Down below is the complete process so just take each step accordingly to complete your login.

STEP 1. For the very first step of the process, you need to go to the official CPS account portal. The official web address of the CPS account is www.cps.tn.gov.in.

STEP 2. Soon you should be at the official homepage of the CPS portal. Here select the ACCOUNT STATEMENT section.

STEP 3. On the next page, the portal displays the CPS Login page. So you need to enter your CPS number and Date of Birth.

CPS Pay Slip
CPS Pay Slip

STEP 4. After entering the required details you can click the login option.

STEP 5. The page will then open your personal CPS Account statement details.

CPS Payslip Click Here
Official Website www.cps.tn.gov.in

CPS Statement Slip 2021-22

Employees can check their Annual Account Statements (AAS) online. The statement is provided by the NPS or National Pension Scheme portal. The NPS also provides your CPS annual statement through email.

So to get your CPC annual statement details you will need to know the following process.

  • Go to the official NPS portal or click on this link www.cra.nsdl.co.in.
  • The link takes you to the official portal.
  • When you are on the portal enter your PRNA Number. Make sure to enter the captcha code as well.
  • Then you can click¬† SUBMIT.
  • Within a few minutes, you will receive your CPS annual statement in your email.

CPS Online Registration

Those employees who are not registered or want to join the CPS will have to submit an official application. So employees should get their application and then submit it to the concerned authority.

Here we have mentioned the registration process in the simplest way possible. So, check out the following

  • First, download the CPS form.
  • Then fill up the application form with the correct details.
  • After filling up the application form forward it to your respective DDO.
  • Finally, when your application is sent to the Accounts Officer, you will receive the confirmation of your registration.

CPS Missing Credit

When you find out that you have CPS missing credits on your account slip, then you can check it online. Like the login, the procedure to check your CPS missing credit you have to follow the norms.

The process of checking your CPS account missing credits of the desired year is simple and easy. All you have to do is make sure to take the correct steps, eventually, within a matter of minutes, you can have your information.

STEP 1. To check your CPS account missing credits you need to open the login portal. So here is a shortcut we have provided the link to the portal www.cps.tn.gov.in.

STEP 2. When the login page opens you know the drill. Enter your credentials. That would be your CPS number and Date of Birth.

STEP 3. After entering the required details click the LOGIN button.

STEP 4. On the next page, you will have access to your CPS account, Here you can select the month and year when you had missing credits.

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Here we would like our readers to provide some questions subjected to your CPS account slip Tamil Nadu. Although there are just a few questions, still they may come in handy.

How to download CPS Account Slip?

To download the desired slip you need to have access to your account. Once you have access, you will be provided with two options that can help you acquire your slip. You can either select the Download icon to download the CPS account slip pdf or select the Print option to get a printout copy.

What is CPS?

The CPS or Contributory Pension Scheme is a government that introduced a scheme for government employees. Under this scheme, your employer contributes 14% of your basic salary to your pension account. Employees can enjoy the benefits of the CPS once they are retired.

How to correct CPS missing credits?

To correct your missing credits you will need your AAS. The statement mentions details such as Head of Account, Month of Transaction, Name of Treasury, Subaccount, voucher number. So, you should forward your Annual Account Statement slip to the concerned Treasury Officer with an official request for correction of CPS missing credits.

Download CPS GPF Mobile App?

There is a mobile application that allows you to access your CPS as well as GPF details from your mobile. You can download the application at Google Play and is compatible with Android mobiles.

About CPS

The CPS or Contributory Pension Scheme is a pension system for every central or state government employee. Under this scheme, employees are required to contribute a portion of their basic salary to their pension account.

What CPS does is increase the pension amount of the employee. Eventually, they receive their CPS contributions in the form of their pension after retirement.

Since it is a government scheme, thus the CPS account of every employee of a particular state is maintained by the respective state government. For instance, the government of Tamil Nadu maintains the CPS account of their government employees.

To help the employees to be informed of their contributions the government updates individual CPS accounts. Hence, the employee is then able to access their CPS account slip and get the necessary details.

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