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From the IHRMS Punjab portal, you will get EHRMS Punjab employee payslips, and salary slips online through their official website The Human Resources Management System of Punjab issues monthly employee payslips. So, what is a payslip if you ask then basically, it is the salary statement of the month.

For instance, if you wish to check your salary statement for the current month then you can view the payslip available at the IHRMS portal. When your salary is credited into your bank account, HRMS Punjab prepares your payslip.

As a result, you are then able to get the required information about your payment particulars. The employee does need to be aware of the details concerning their monthly salaries.

Therefore, when you want to check salary transaction details, tax payment details, GPF, PF, and loan deductions information you can check your payslip. Your IHRMS Punjab payslip can also help you prove your employment.

HRMS Punjab Employee Payslip Online

Visit for eHRMS Punjab or iHRMS Punjab login. Now for the most crucial step that every employee must complete to get their payslip which is your employee login. Since the HRMS Punjab generates the payslip of a huge number of employees, thus proper management is necessary.

Hence, to avoid providing incorrect details, EHRMS maintains individual payslip accounts. Furthermore, accounts can be accessed only if the employees provide the correct credentials.

So, if you want to complete the IHRMS Punjab employee payslip then you must provide your login details. These details are exclusive to the employee, thus privacy is maintained.

STEP 1. Initially, every employee should always go to the official Punjab website.

STEP 2. When you reach the homepage click the login option to open the EHRMS Punjab Payslip Login portal.

STEP 3. Once you click the Login option the LOGIN PORTAL appears on your screen. When the portal appears you have to enter your USER ID and PASSWORD. Then enter the CAPTCHA code too.

NOTE: You can leave the LOGIN AS ( HRMS CODE).

ehrms punjab
ehrms punjab

STEP 4. If you have entered all the details then click on the LOGIN button.

STEP 5. The portal then takes a minute top to verify your credentials before giving you complete access to your payslips account.

EHRMS Punjab Login Click Here
Official Website

EHRMS Punjab Login Password Recovery Steps

Employees should be aware of the process that enables them to reset their passwords. Such information can be helpful when you forget your password which is mandatory during login.

Therefore, in case you cannot remember your password then you should know that you can reset it online. As per the process is concerned, it is simple nonetheless you must take the necessary steps.

  • As per the norms, you can reset your password at the official login portal. So here we have mentioned the official link that will take you to the portal directly
  • The next step is to open the login portal. So click on the login option available on the right side of your screen.
  • As soon as you have access to the login portal you have to click the FORGOT PASSWORD option.
  • Now a new page will be displayed. Here you have to provide details such as your DEPARTMENT and EMPLOYEE CODE.
  • Then after providing the details, you can click SEARCH.
  • For verification purposes, you may have to enter your registered mobile number on the next page.
  • Once your credentials are authenticated the HRMS Punjab portal sends your new password.

IHRMS Punjab – Get Employee Code

As we mentioned earlier that to log in the employee must provide their user id and password. Now the user id of an employee is their personal IHRMS employee code appointed by the employer.

So, employees without their employee code will not be able to log in. Therefore, you should get your EHRMS Punjab employee code. Hence, to get your code you will need to check out the following steps.

  1. You will have to go to the official website of IHRMS Punjab. Here click on this link
  2. At the homepage, select GET EMPLOYEE CODE.
  3. On the next page select PUNJAB under the State section. Enter the Date of Birth or Aadhar Number. Then enter your Registered Mobile Number. Finally, enter the Captcha code.
  4. NOTE: You can search by your Date of Birth or Aadhar number. So you can search by UID ( Aadhar Number)  OR Date of Birth.
  5. Once you have entered the details click FETCH EMPLOYEE CODE.
  6. Your employee code will be sent to your mobile number.

eHRMS Punjab Mobile App

Getting your monthly EHRMS payslip became more convenient because you can check it from your mobile. So, you can access your statements instantly, whenever required.

However, to use your mobile for checking your payslip you have to get the official  IHRMS Punjab Payslip mobile app. But the best part is you can download it from the portal if you follow these steps.

  • First and foremost you have to open the homepage of the IHRMS Punjab portal. Here is the address of the website
  • Secondly, on the homepage, you click on the IHRMS Punjab Payslip Mobile App.
  • Thirdly, click on the INSTALL option.
  • Fourthly, once the installation is complete you can open the app and then log in with your user id and password.

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About HRMS Punjab

The Integrated Human Resources Management System (IHRMS) Punjab is an online software system. It was developed and launched by the State Government of Punjab for a certain purpose.

So, the purpose of this web-based system is to assist employees in case of their payroll details. Other services include providing information regarding employees’ property returns, e-Service books, etc.

Nevertheless, providing the monthly employee payslip can be considered to be the primary priority of IHRMS Punjab. As per payslip services are concerned the system offers assistance for HRMS employee login forgot password recovery, employee code recovery, etc.

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