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Login into Gyanodaya SBI e Learning Portal at and get the complete details about the e-Learning SBI gateway. SBI Gyanodaya E-learning portal is a platform where its employees can learn about the new changes and updates in Banking or its services.

State Bank Of India launched a platform known as SBI e-Learning. This platform is developed or launched by the SBI for the ease of its employees to check the new changes and updates about SBI Banking and its services. This SBI e-learning is also known as the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning portal.

This portal is free to access for all employees of the State Bank of India. Previously e-learning was mandatory for all employees to complete the Gyanodaya certification but now every employee needs a maximum of one certificate.

You need at least 1 certificate from the Elearning portal which will help you when you want to apply for the job promotion. SBI announce that you need to link the certificate for the promotion, so from the SBI e-learning or SBI Gyanodaya portal, you can get your e-learning certificate.

How To Login Into Gyanodaya SBI e Learning Portal?

All employees of SBI want to log in to the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning portal and want to know access to the Gyanodaya e-learning platform. So here are the easy steps which will help you to easily log in to your SBI e-learning account.

When first time you join the SBI Gyanshala E-Learning platform then the time State Bank of India will provide you with your login username and password. Using this username or password you can easily log in to the website.

In case you do not have your username and password then you can send an email to HR to get all the necessary details regarding the SBI e-learning portal.

Now if you have your e-learning SBI username and password then follow the given steps to easily access the SBI eLearning portal.

  • The first step is to visit the SBI Gyanodaya e-Learning Portal which is
  • Now a login page will open.
Gyanodaya SBI
Gyanodaya SBI
  • Now enter your HRMS User ID and password.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Click on the Sign In button.
  • Now you will be successfully logged into your SBI Gyanodaya E-learning account.
Gyanodaya SBI Login Visit Here
SBI Gyanshala or E-Learning Portal

How To Get SBI e learning certificates?

Now all the employees who apply for the certificate and attend the training session will get here how they will get the e-learning certificate.

Award Staff: Cash-in-charge employees and all who are not at the office level fall under the Award Staff category. Now if you are one of them then first you need to apply online for the certification and training.

After this, you need t to attend offline seminars and workshops seminars to get the proper information related to the applied role bases certificate.

Officers: Scale level 1 to 5 officers come under this Officers category. Now same as the award staff you also need to apply online for the role bases certification through the SBI E-learning portal. Once you applied then the offline workshops and training will be conducted.

Once training is completed hen online exam will take place and you need to get minimum passing marks to get the e-learning certificates. Read more about SBI from

What is the use of SBI e-Learning?

Maximum employees of SBI want to know about the use of SBI e-learning and I know you all have a question like this what is the advantage of the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning portal and how it can help the employees? So here I will tell you the benefits and reasons behind using this SBI E-learning portal.

Certifications: Day by day there are many new policies and courses and services launched by the SBI and every new policy which is updated comes with the new model in the SBI learning platform. So when you complete this new model course you get the certification in that particular module.

Promotion: Now SBI made it compulsory you are going to apply for promotion. You need at least one role bases certificate at the time of promotion.

Promotion Types and Certificate

Now the big points are that you should have the basic details about the promotion level and you should also have the certification for that particular promotional level. Here is the list of certificates that are required for a particular promotional level.

Types of Certification

  • Internal Certification
  • External Certification

SBI allowed two types of certification Internal certification and external certification. The internal certificate is directly handled by the staff of the State Bank of India and whereas the external certification is regulated by the reserve bank of India.

Exemption from certification: All those employees who want to be exempted from the SBI e learning certification process need to talk to their HR.

Revalidation: Revalidation of the certificate is very important for all certificate holders. Once you get a certificate then this certificate will be valid for a tenure of time. The certificate’s valid date is also mentioned on your certificate.

So before the expiry date of the certificate, you need to renew or revalidate the certificate. To revalidate the certificate you need to go through the same training.


Using the HRMS SBI portal all employees of the state bank of India can check their basic knowledge, HRMS Salary Slip, and banking services. This SBI HRMS portal is designed for the SBI Employees and also for its users.

You can access all profile details and many other details like HRMS SBI IRJ Portal, SBI HRMS SAP Portal, HRMS SBI Coin, SBI HRMS EMS, and Salary slips related to all facilities from this HRMS Portal.

SBI HRMS Portal helps its employees to check their salary slips income tax, loans, and many other details. Now SBI made it necessary for all its employees to have basic information, and knowledge about the HRMS Portal, Banking services through its eLearning portal.

SBI eLearning Help Desk and Support

State Bank Of India made an SBI eLearning Help Desk and Support team, which will help all its new and other employees who do not know how you can get your certificate or any other information related to your SBI E-learning certificate.

You just need to send an email to the SBI e-Learning certification team and you will get all the problem solutions in your email.

Contact Mail ID:

Mail on this email address and get instant help from the support team.

All employees of SBI will get the same chance to get the SBI E-Learning certification. So don’t worry and feel free to contact SBI Support teams. If you have any queries regarding this SBI Gyanodaya E-learning portal then you can comment here and can ask your queries.

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At the end of the tour article, we have some question and their answers related to the SBI Gyanodaya. So interested readers may take a look at these questions which can be helpful for them in the future.

How to get SBI Gyanodaya Login User id and Password?

Well to get your user id and password you can consult with your HR. But if you have your SBI HRMS user id and password then you may be able to log in with these credentials.

How to get an SBI E-learning Certificate?

To get a certificate you must first register for the online program. But make sure to apply for the job-based certificate. We have provided a table that includes the promotion and the required certificate type.

How to register for the SBI E-learning certificate?

To register you may speak to your respective HR. However, you may complete your registration online at

How long does it take to obtain the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning certificate?

It depends upon the certificate that you have applied for. Usually, the program takes months to complete. You can check the duration of the workshop at the SBI Gyanodaya portal.

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