IKYA Portal – IKYA Payslip, Salary Slip Login Online

IKYA Portal: IKYA employee can download their IKYA Salary Slip, payslip, and Quess Login details online from www.qpay.quesscorp.com. You can also use the IKYA Pay Portal for resetting your login password.

The IKYA salary slip offers significant information in case of your monthly salary transactions. It enables the employees to maintain a proper record of their monthly salary particulars.

Being the employer IKYA should issue the salary statement every month. As a result, employees can access the salary statement for each month. Employees can check their payslip details since the company maintains individual IKYA human payslip accounts.

In the salary slip, details such as the date and time of salary payment will be mentioned. Furthermore, you can also check the deductions made as tax, GPF, and loan installments (if any). Other than these financial details the payslip also contains personal information. Such as your employee code or number, name, and number of working days.

However, to access such sensitive information employees must follow the norms. As per the norms set up by IKYA every employee must first login if they want to check their IKYA salary slip.

IKYA Salary Slip Login Online Download

Every employee can complete their IKYA Salary Slip login if they are aware of the online steps. However, you should be aware of the details that are mandatory for an IKYA login.

Well, as per the instructions employees are going to need their User ID and password. Without these two credentials, you cannot complete your IKYA login. Therefore, you won’t be able to access your Quess Login Portal.

If you have been asking yourself how to complete the IKYA employee login online?. Then the following steps are the answer. Just follow these instructions to log in.

STEP 1. For the first step go to the official IKYA Login portal (www.qpay.quesscorp.com/ikyaportal).

STEP 2. The above link takes you to the IKYA salary slip online login portal. So, here you need to enter your USER ID and PASSWORD.

IKYA Portal
IKYA Portal

STEP 3. Once you have entered the details click on the login option.

STEP 4. If your credentials are correct the portal displays your IKYA employee salary slip account.

STEP 5. To check the IKYA human capital payslip of the specific month you need to select the month and year of your desire.

IKYA Portal Login Click Here
Official Website https://qpay.quesscorp.com/ikyaportal/

IKYA Portal Login Password Reset Steps

Now and then employees forget their passwords which can create trouble. However, if you are aware of the process of changing your password then you can get rid of such trouble.

So in case you forgot your password and cannot log in then check out the process to reset your password. But first, make sure that you have the following details with you when you reset your password.

  • Employee Id Number.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Employee Name.
  • Mobile Number ( Personal, and currently active).
  1. Go to the IKYA portal login (www.qpay.quesscorp.com/ikyaportal).
  2. At the login, portal click on the “FORGOT PASSWORD” option.
  3. Once you click the link the Password recovery form is displayed. So fill out the form with the respective details.
  4. Then click on the GENERATE OTP option.
  5. Once you receive the OTP enter it in the required file.
  6. Then click the VERIFY option.
  7. On the next page create your new password and save it.

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Readers may have several queries related to the IKYA payslip. So before we complete our article we made a list of questions and included them in our article. These questions are related to Quess crop salary slips.

Therefore, we urge our readers to go through this question and avail themselves of the answers. However, we included only questions that seemed to be rather significant.

How to check Quess crop salary slip online?

To check your IKYA guess crop salary slip online you need to visit the official IKYA portal. At the portal, you need to log in with your user id and password. Finally, once you are logged in you can check your IKYA employee payslip.

How to download the IKYA employee salary slip online?

First, you need to log in to the official IKYA portal login. After successful login, you will be able to view your IKYA salary slip. When you can view your salary slip you will be provided with two options SAVE & PRINT. To download IKYA payslip pdf select SAVE, and to get a print out click the PRINT.

What is IKYA guess corp payslip?

The payslip is the monthly salary statement provided by your employer.  So the payslip issued as an IKYA salary slip will have the details about the salary payment details for a particular month.

About IKYA Portal

IKYA is a division of Quess Corp Limited a Bangalore, India-based corporation that was founded in September 2007. It provides services in the technology and business sector. The Quess Corp is also listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and NSE.

Currently, Que’s Corp operates in India and abroad such as in North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The Corporation has more than 64 offices in different locations.

The primary business verticals of the corporation are Workforce management, operating asset management, and global technology solutions. Recently, in 2017 Quess Corp was awarded the Best IPO.

Together the corporation has about 385,000 employees. These employees are hired with a monthly salary package. So being the employer it is a legal obligation for the company to issue the monthly salary to its employees.

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