IOSMS Pay Slip, IOSMS v2 Login, Employee Salary Slip

You can get your IOSMS Pay Slip online at the official website of IOSMS V2 West Bengal ( Download OSMS primary teacher payslip, salary slip, registration & login details.

Since the integration of IOSMS into the education department of West Bengal, it is easy to check the monthly salary slip of the school teacher. This service also offers services such as primary teacher payslip downloads.

The IOSMS offers services to 6 different user types. Such user types are State Level User, District Level User, Sub-Division Level User, Circle Level User, School Level User, and Webmaster.

Eventually, in order to avail themselves of such services, the visitors must select the appropriate user type. The development of I-OSMS has helped primary teachers across the state to enjoy hassle-free service.

The IOSMS maintains Salary calculation (Part Salary), Employee Transfer and upcoming OTP-based login, User Management through Child log-in, etc. So other than monthly salary records individuals can be aware of certain notifications related to their profession.

IOSMS Pay Slip 2023 Online

In this article and in its section we have covered important details regarding the IOSMS primary teacher payslip. So if you are a primary teacher employed by the government of West Bengal then check out the following contents.

Below you will find the complete steps for IOSMS V2 login online, and steps to complete payslip download for primary teachers. You can also check the answer to how to change the IOSMS password, and how to complete IOSMS payslip registration.

Follow these steps to check your payslip or login into your I-OSMS account.

  • First, visit the official website i.e.
  • Then click on the Login option.
  • Now select the user type and then enter your username and password.
  • Enter the captcha code and then click on the Login Button.
  • Now you are into your payslip dashboard.
  • Check your month-wise payslip.
IOSMS V2 Login Click Here
Official Website

IOSMS V2 Login Online Pay Slip Download

Once, you have been acquainted with the login process then you can check your salary slip at your convenience. But to make sure you are able to log in you must have the required credentials.

There are a couple of mandatory credentials that must be provided at the time you log in. Such credentials are your login id (username) and password. With these two credentials, you can access your personal IOSMS teacher salary slip details exclusively.

Other than your login details, you will need a laptop or a computer and a good internet connection. However, you can go to a computer cafe and try to log in to the system to check your payslip.

STEP 1. First, you need to visit the website of the Integrated Online Salary Management System (IOSMS), Here is the link to the website (

STEP 2. On the homepage, you can see the Login option on your right. To proceed to click on the Login option.

STEP 3. Now when the login portal appears you must select User Type, then enter your login id or username and password. Do not forget to enter the captcha code displayed on your screen.

STEP 4. Finally, you can click on the login option.

STEP 5. On the next page, you can select the month and year to view the payslip of your desired month, and year.

OSMS – IOSMS Primary Teacher Pay Slip Online

Every teacher underemployed by the government of West Bengal is entitled to check their monthly payslip details. Since teachers are paid every month, thus the payslip will be available for each and every month.

So, any individual who wants or needs the payslip for a particular month can generate it online. In the payslip, you can check various details related to certain projections. Hence, details related to tax projections, PF, GPF, and installment deductions will be mentioned in the payslip.

Other than the payment details you can also check your duty-related details. Such details would be the total number of duty days. Similarly, the number of leave taken for a particular month, etc.

Besides providing monthly payment information, the payslip has a vital significance. Now the significance would be that it validates your employment as a teacher under the government of West Bengal.

In fact, in times when you may need to confirm your employment, at that time you can produce your IOSMS Pay Slip. Therefore, to produce your salary slip at the time of need, first, you must be able to download it.

IOSMS Registration Online 2023

IOSMS Registration Online is necessary for all employees if you want to take advantage of online services. After registration, you can check monthly payslip details and many more.

Approach your district headquarters or the nearest school education department office and register yourself with effective supporting documents. In the last note down your username and password for login purposes.

For registration in the IOSMS portal, you need to visit the nearest school education department office or the district headquarters. Visit the nearest government office for your IOSMS V2 registration process. Bring all these mentioned documents with you to register yourself.

  • Personal Details
  • School Details
  • Address Proof
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id

These are all the details you need to register yourself in the official web portal of I-OSMS.

Fill in your school details and then fill in personal information like full name, designation, payslip, and other information. After the registration note down your username and password for further login purposes.

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We would like to end our article with some of the most frequently asked questions about the IOSMS salary slip. Therefore, readers should take a look at the following question, who knows you may find it to be useful.

All the questions mentioned here are basic questions, hence, readers should find at least one of these to be helpful. So without taking much of your time here are the questions and their answers.

How to change the IOSMS login password?

Unlike IOSMS V2 login which has to be done online, you cannot change or reset your password at the website. But this does not mean that you cannot change or reset your password when required.

However, the simple method to change your password would be to visit the nearest education office in your region or district. In order to change your password, you must be able to produce certain documents. So we advise you to take your documents with you.

How to complete IOSMS Payslip Registration Online?

Well, as per the norms you must complete your registration at your respective education office. So, if you want to register with the IOSMS then visit your nearest education office with the following documents.

-> School certificates.
-> Personal Document ( ID cards, Aadhar Cards, etc).
-> Address Proof certificate.
-> Your personal mobile number must be active at the time of registration.
-> Email address.

How To Download IOSMS Payslip For Primary Teachers?

To download your payslip you first need to complete your login at the official website of the IOSMS. When you have logged in and have access to your payslip account you can finally download the payslip.

All you need to do is select your desired month and year when the payslip is displayed click on the print or save option. If you click on the print option you can get a printout of the payslip, and if you click on the save option you download a pdf copy respectively.

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