ITBP Pay Slip 6.0 ITBP PIS Himveer Connect Portal Login

Visit for ITBP PIS Himveer Connect 6.0 Login and check ITBP Pay Slip 2023, Personal Monthly Payslip, Salary Slip, Pay Scale, and ITBPPIS Data Online from the official website. As per the norms you have to get your monthly payslip ITBP online.

As there are thousands of ITBP employees who receive their monthly payments in return for their service to the nation. Thus the ITBP PIS login allows them to be aware of the details related to their monthly payments. Therefore once an individual is recruited by the ITBP.

Thus, the organization maintains the ITBP PIS account of that individual from the first month of service. Since the ITBP salary slip is an important piece of document. Hence you should know the steps to check your ITBP employee Payslip.

ITBP PIS Login & ITBP Pay Slip Download Steps

Well other than from ITBP Himveer Connect you can check your ITBP PIS salary slip at the official portal of ITBP. You can opt for this portal in case you cannot access ITBP Himveer Connect.

So, you can generate your monthly payslip of ITBP from more than two portals. As things stand we have already told you the steps for ITBP PIS Login.

Hence, in this section, we shall provide the complete process and the steps that you need to follow. Although most of the steps are quite similar, hence we seek to ensure that our readers have complete information.

Therefore, if you decide to check your payslip through the ITBP official website. Thus you should make sure to follow each of the steps given below.

STEP 1. First, go to the official website of the ITBP viz (

STEP 2. Now once you are at the homepage look for the log-in option. Place your cursor on that option to view further options. Once you place your cursor you can see the Personal Login option, You need to click on that option.

STEP 3. Once you click the Personal Login service you will be redirected to the official ITBP Himveer Connect or ITBP PIS Login porta.

ITBP Pay Slip 6.0
ITBP Pay Slip 6.0

STEP 4. Now all you need to do is enter your PIS USERNAME, PIS Password, and the Captcha code ( Mandatory).

STEP 5. Finally, click on the Login Option.

STEP 6. In moments your ITBP payslip account will open. You can either download or print your payslip for the desired month.

NOTE: In case, you are unable to remember your ITBP PIS Password then you can create a new one. You can follow the process mentioned under the above section to reset your password online.

ITBP Pay Slip 6.0 Check Here
ITBP PIS Website

Check ITBP Pay Slip & Monthly Payslip Online

Now before we move further we want to brief our readers on the ITBP Pay Slip. The ITBP payslip is an important document thus ITBP employees must be aware of its significance. The ITBP payslip is a document or rather a receipt of your monthly payments.

Such a receipt can be issued exclusively by the ITBP organization. Hence to get your ITBP salary slip you have to follow the given instructions.

  • First, visit the official website of the ITBP Police i.e.
  • Then search for the login button on the homepage.
  • Now click on the Login button and then click on the Personal login option.
  • Once you click on Personal Login then a new login page will open.
  • Now enter the asked details like PIS Username, Password.
  • Then enter the captcha code and click on Login Button.
  • Now you will be redirected to your profile or dashboard.
  • Now from your profile, you can check your month-wise payslip.

ITBP Personal Login | ITBPPIS Login Steps

The only way to complete your ITBP PIS Personal Login is online. So as said in our earlier section here you can check the complete process. As you already know that you can log in at ITBP Himveer Connect. Thus, here we are going to give you the complete steps to ensure your successful login.

Without logging in you cannot check your ITBP salary slip. So you must have the proper knowledge of the process. But before you proceed with the login you must have the correct details.

Since the organization maintains the personal accounts of each ITBP employee thus each individual has unique details. So before you try to log in make sure you have the correct details such as your ITBP PIS Username and PIS password.

STEP 1. First, you have to go to the official ITBP payslip website or ITBP Himveer Connect portal viz.

STEP 2. Once you click on this ITBP HImveer Connect link you will be redirected to the ITBP Login portal.

STEP 3. Now once the login page opens you have to enter your credentials. So enter your PIS Username, Password, and then click on the Login option. Before you click the Login option d not forget to enter the Captcha code.

STEP 4. If you enter the correct details then you would be able to see your ITBP salary slip account.

STEP 5. Finally, once you are able to access your account you can generate your ITBP salary slip. To download the slip click on the download option. If you want a printout copy then you can click on the Print icon.

ITBP Login Password Recovery Steps

In this section, you can check the process to reset the ITBP PIS Password. As we said that without the correct Username or password, the ITBP portal does not grant access.

In most cases, ITBP employees are unable to log in due to an incorrect password. So in order to log in those employees have to create a new ITBP PIS password.

Therefore, if you forget your ITBP PIS password then you can create a new password. But before you proceed make sure to have the following personal details.

  • Regimental Number.
  • Active Mobile Number ( Your Personal Number).
  • A laptop or a computer with a stable internet connection.

Now once you have these details all you need to do is follow the steps given below. So those who wanted to know how to reset the ITBP login password should check out the process.

  • You have to go to the official ITBP Himveer Connect portal i.e.
  • Now click on the Login Button.
  • After this click on ITBP Personal login.
  • Now to reset the ITBP PIS password click on the Forgot Password option. You can see this option at the bottom of the login page.
  • Once you click on the Forgot password option, the ITBP PIS Password Recovery page appears.
  • On this page, you then have to enter your complete Regimental Number, Security Question, answer, and your 10 digits mobile number.
  • After you have entered all the details you can click on the Reset Password option.
  • Finally, you can create a new ITBP login password.

Now, since that, you are aware of this process. Any ITBP employee who cannit remember her/his password can follow these steps to create a new password.

ITBP Allowances & Perks

In the previous section, we provided the complete salary structure of every ITBP designation. However other than the salary the ITBP employees are provided with a number of allowances and perks.

As per the policies of the ITBP, these allowances like the salaries vary according to rank. But the most important aspect of the ITBP allowances is that the families of the ITBP employee can benefit from such allowances.

Here below is the list of ITBP allowances offered to the employees and their families:

  1. Accommodation Allowances.
  2. Transportation Allowances.
  3. Education Allowances.
  4. Uniform Allowances.
  5. Dearness Allowances.
  6. Medical Allowances.
  7. High Altitude Allowances.
  8. Loan Facilities.
  9. Retirement Schemes such as GPF.


  1. What is ITBP PIS? ITBP PIS is an online service for the personnel of ITBP. PIS stands for Personal Information System. Using ITBP PIS Portal, ITBP personnel can check their monthly payslip, salary, and personal information from the ITBP official website.
  2. How To Check ITBP Pay Slip? To check the ITBP Pay Slip you need to log in on the official website of ITBP i.e. www.its Then click on personal login. Then Enter your username and password and click on the login button to check your payslip.
  3. How to Reset ITBP PIS Login Password? First, visit the official website and then click on Personal Login. Then Go to the PIS login page and click on forgot password submit your detail and click on Reset password.

About ITBP

The Indo-Tibetian Border Police or ITBP is a Central Armed Police Force of India. It was raised under the CRPF Act on 24th October 1962. After the enactment of the “Indo-Tibetian Border Police Force Act, 1992 for the constitution and regulation of ITBP.

Initially, ITBP was raised with 4 battalions but the force has grown in numbers. Since its restriction in 1978, the force has had 60 battalions, 15 Sectors, and 05 Frontiers(2018). The ITBP has a sanctioned strength of more than 89, 432 active personnel, and the numbers keep escalating.

Like every other Central Armed Police Force, the ITBP functions under the Ministry Of Home Affairs, Government Of India. And the primary objective of the ITBP is to secure the Indian borders with Tibet.

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