PFMS Salary Slip Login, Pay Slip Portal

At the Public Financial Management System (, you can check your PFMS Salary slip, Pay Slip & payment status online. You have to visit the PFMS portal for Login & new registration.

Every central government can get their personal PFMS monthly salary slip at the PFMS portal. These salary statement slips can be generated online. PFMS portal provides the monthly salary slips to more than 58 lac central government employees.

However, employees of registered agencies can also get their payment slips from this portal. With the help of the PFMS salary slips you can be aware of your payment details, income tax payments, and more.

Basically, for each monthly salary payment, you will receive your salary slips. In the salary slip, you can check your gross or basic pay, along with payment details. Furthermore, the gross deductions for income tax, GPF, NPS, or loan (if any) will also be mentioned.

PFMS Salary Slip Online

Now every employee should always log in at the PFMS login portal. As per the norm, you can get to the PFMS Employee Information System only after you log in. But most importantly, you cannot check your salary slips if you do not log in.

Well, to log in you have taken the necessary steps, however, you must also have the mandatory login credentials. Your login credentials such as user id and password enable the portal to verify your identity.

STEP 1. To complete your login, you first have to get to the PFMS salary slip login portal. We have the link to the portal, so click on this link

STEP 2. The link opens the homepage of the PFMS. Once at the homepage click on the login option.

PFMS Salary Slip
PFMS Salary Slip

STEP 3. Now the login portal appears on the next page. On this page select your Financial Year, then enter your USERNAME & PASSWORD.

STEP 4. Click on LOGIN.

STEP 5. When you have successfully logged in click on EMPLOYEE INFORMATION SYSTEM.

STEP 6. Then click on GO TO EIS option.

STEP 7. You will then be on the PFMS EIS portal. Here go to the PAY RELATED section and click on VIEW PAYSLIP.

STEP 8. Finally, you can view your PFMS salary slip. You can select the month and year and then click VIEW PAYSLIP.

NOTE: First-time users will need to know the following details regarding their login credentials.

  • The username will be your PAN number.
  • Password will be your date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format.
PFMS Sign In Click Here
Official Website

PFMS Login Forgot Password Recovery Steps

Employees who forgot their password and now cannot log in should read the following contents. Since your password is mandatory for you to log in, thus incorrect password hinders your login.

Therefore, in case you cannot remember the password then there is no need to panic. You can create a new password within a few minutes. So, if you want to know how to reset the password then check out the following steps.

STEP 1. You have to visit the PFMS login page to create a new password. Thus, here is the link just click on it

STEP 2. The second step is to open the login portal.

STEP 3. Now at the login portal click on FORGOT PASSWORD.

STEP 4. On the next page enter your email address and click on SEND OTP.

STEP 5. You should also enter the Captcha code and then click CONTINUE

STEP 6. Once you receive the OTP on your email verify the code in the required field.

STEP 7. After verifying the code you will then be able to create a new password.

PFMS Portal User Registration

As per the official norms, you can complete your PFMS registration between 9:00 am and 5:30 PM on weekends only. Therefore, if you want to register with PFMS then you have to be aware of such a directive.

There is various registration process depending upon the type of registration. Such as agency registration, DDO registration, scheme registration, etc. Below we have mentioned the registration process which can be of assistance for PFMS new user registration.

  • First, go to the PFMS login portal.
  • At the login, portal click on New Registration Form.
  • The form will be downloaded. So print out that form and fill the form with all details.
  • Next, you have to submit the registration form to your respective agency.
  • The agency will then forward the form to the respective PFMS authority.
  • Before your account activation, you will receive an activation link and OTP.
  • Open the verification link and then validate the OTP.
  • Your account will be activated 24 hours once you verify the OTP.
  • At the time of activation, you will receive your login credentials.
  • You can download the PFMS Registration Form by clicking on this link

NOTE: New User registration will only be accepted for email domains and

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This section of our article contains information regarding the PFMS salary slip download process, GPF details, etc. So, if you need such useful information then you should check out the following contents.

How to download my PFMS salary slip pdf online?

First of all, you have to log in and access the PFMS EIS portal to view your payslips. And when you can see your desired payslips on your screen you can click on the download or print icon.

Where can I check my PFMS employee GPF?

Well, you can check your PFMS GPF details at PFMS Employee Information System. Therefore, seems that you need to log in to be able to access your GPF-related details. Here check out the following steps.

-> Login at the PFMS login portal.
-> Once logged in click on Employee Information System.
-> Next click on GO TO EIS.
-> Then at PFMS EIS Portal click on GPF.
-> Finally, you can then check your PFMS GPF details.

How to change the old password?

This question can be helpful for employees who are logging in for the first time. However, employees who have to change their password can find the following process to be useful.

NOTE: Employees who log in for the first time should create a new password once they log in. As your first-time log password is concerned, it will be your date of birth.

1. To change your password first log in.
2. When you can see your profile go to the USER section and click on MY PROFILE.
3. On the next page, your profile will be displayed along with personal details.
4. Here you can click on Change Password.
5. Finally, create a new password and save it.

How to get PFMS Login credentials?

You can get your PFMS login credentials with the help of your account number and agency unique code. So, to know the process in detail checks out the steps mentioned below.

NOTE: The following process can help you get your login credentials with the help of your account number and unique code. So, if you ever forget your login credentials then follow these steps.

-> Go to the PFMS website
-> On the homepage click on Manage Registered Agency.
-> On the next page, you need to enter your Account Number & click SUBMIT.
-> Then you have to copy your UNIQUE CODE.
-> Now go to the login portal.
-> On the next page, you have to select GET PASSWORD BY UNIQUE AGENCY CODE.
-> Then you have to enter your UNIQUE CODE and enter your email address.
-> Now click on SUBMIT.
-> On the next page, you have to select your USERNAME.
-> Select contact detail to receive your OTP and then click SEND OTP.
-> Once you get your OTP verifies the code in the required field.
-> Now you can create a new password for future login.

How to check PFMS Payment Status?

Employees can know their payment status with the help of their bank details. However, to get the desired information you have to follow the guidelines laid out by the system. So, follow the instructions mentioned below.

1. Go to the PFMS portal
2. At the homepage select KNOW YOUR PAYMENT.
3. On the next page enter your BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS.
4. Then click on SEARCH.
5. Finally, your payment details should be displayed.

About PFMS Portal

The PFMS formerly known as Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System (CPSMS) is a public financial management system. Public Financial Management System is a Government of India initiative. The systems are implemented to monitor programs in social sectors.

It also tracks funds disbursed. The PFMS ensures that the funds are being spent for their intended purpose. PFMS (CPSM) was implemented post-Economic Survey (2007- 08) when the requirement of financial monitoring of the Plan schemes was emphasized.

Initially, the system was implemented in four Indian states namely, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Mizoram, and Punjab. Between 2019-18 the CPSMS was operational with more than 8.00 lakhs registered hits.

CPSMS has also won the Microsoft Developer Innovation & Excellence Award 2009. The system also successfully integrated with the Core Banking Solutions (CBS) of about 150 public and private sector banks across the Indian sub-continent.

PFMS effectively validates or authorizes payment of each release of funds, whether expenditure, advance, or transfer. Therefore, to avail of the government schemes, agencies must be registered with their system.

As per the payment, authorization is concerned it also includes the monthly salary payment details of employees. Now every central government employee can get their PFMS salary slip through the portal of PFMS.

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