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Visit the Pri Paymanager 2 raj nic pay bill preparation portal ( and log in with your Pay Manager login username and password for DA Arrear, Leave encashment, arrears, and Bonus.

The pay manager system managed by the Finance Department Government of Rajasthan provides employees with their salary slips. Such payslip contains all the details regarding the salary particular of the employees.

Every government employee can obtain their payslip. Once acquired they can get to know every single detail about their payments. However, you must make sure to acquire the slip issued by the government.

Other than being a salary statement slip this payslip can be important to verify your employment. For instance, you can produce the slip whilst applying for a loan, because the slip approves your employment with the government.

As per the payment details are concerned, you can check salary payment details such as date and time. You can also be aware of deductions made for payment of tax, GPF, CPS, and loan installments (if any).

Paymanager Employee/DDO login Process

To provide personal account details, the authority introduced the PayManager 2 employee login procedure. Now with the login process employees can exclusively check their payslip details.

The pay manager-employee login is effective. For instance, without your login credentials, nobody can have access to your account details. However, every time you log in you must provide the correct credentials.

Along with your login credentials, you must know how to complete the Pay.Manager 2 employee login online. So, to help you with that we have the entry process mentioned below.

STEP 1. The first steps are to make sure that you go to the official website of Pay.manager Rajasthan. To ensure that here we have the link to the official portal of the Pay.Manager Finance department of Rajasthan (

STEP 2. For Pay Manager Employee login you have to click on FOR DDO EMPLOYEE LOGIN.

STEP 3. On the next page select the EMPLOYEE option. Then you can enter your Pay Manager Username and Password.


STEP 4. Once you have provided the required credentials you can click the login option.

STEP 5.  Finally, after the portal verifies your credentials you will have the access to your Paymanger Employee pay details.

PayManager Sign In Page Visit Here
Pri Pay Manager Login Click Here
Official Website

Pay Manager Login Password Recovery Steps

The mandatory credentials for Pay Manager login are the username and password. So you cannot log in if you enter an incorrect username or password. You can check your previous slip in case you forgot your username.

However, if you forgot your password then to get a new one you have to follow the protocol. Now since without your password, you cannot log in, hence the portal offers a password recovery option.

As per the norms to reset your password you need certain details. Details such as Employee id, bank account number, date of birth, and mobile number.

  • Visit the official Pay Manager login portal.
  • On the homepage below the login option, you will see the FORGOT PASSWORD (EMPLOYEE LOGIN). Click on it when you see it.
  • Now on the next page will be the Reset Password Request Form. You can fill out the form with the correct details. NOTE: Mobile Number is optional, but if you do enter then you need to verify the number by clicking on VERIFY CONTACT INFO.
  • Once you have entered the details click the SUBMIT DETAILS.
  • Then the portal verifies your credentials before sending your new password.

Pri PayManager Login

PanchayatiRaj Employees, are you looking for Pri Paymanager login? If yes, then here I will guide you, How to log in to the Pay Manager Pri pay bill preparation system. You just follow the given login steps to access your account.

  • Visit
  • Now the Pri-Pay-manager login page will open on your system.
  • Here enter your username, password, and captcha code.
  • Select one from DDO, Employee, Department, and SUB DDO.
  • Click on the Login button.

Paymanager 2 Pay Bill Registration Steps

If you are not a registered employee and currently cannot access your payslips online then you can register online. To register with the pay manager in Rajasthan you need to follow the steps required for registration.

To register employees will need the following details. Then you can follow the instructions to complete your Rajasthan Pay Manager Registration.

  1. Bank Account Number.
  2. Bank IFSC code.
  3. Email Address ( Personal & Active).
  4. Mobile Number.
  5. You will have to go to the official portal of Pay Manager login or you can just click on this link
  6. Then to proceed further select the BANK REGISTRATION section.
  7. Now you have to enter your details, such as name, bank details, email, office name, etc. NOTE: For bank registration select BANK ( User Type). Also, select your respective bank. You must also create a new username and password.
  8. After entering the details you have to verify your contact number. So, click on VERIFY CONTACT.
  9. Once you receive a verification message follow the instruction to complete your registration.

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If you want to check out more content on Pay-Manager then you can go through the questions that we have included in this article. Every question concerns the main topic of this article viz pay manager2 Employee payslip.

How can I download my Pay Manager employee pay bill?

You can download your payslip after you log in. When you can view your payslip on your screen look for the download or print option. You can select either of the options as per your preference.

What is Pay Manager?

Pay Manager is online software that prepares the salary bills of every government employee. So, the Pay-Manager Rajasthan prepares the salary statements of every state government employee of Rajasthan.

How can I check IFMS Rajasthan Payslip?

Well even if you tried to get your payslip through IFMS Rajasthan still you have to log in at the PayManager employee login portal. Therefore, you can just go to the Pay manager2 website.

About Paymanager

The PayManager is an online software developed by the government of Rajasthan. Pay Manager is maintained by the Finance Department of the Government of Rajasthan State.

Among its various functions, one of the crucial is bill preparation. Pay-manager 2 allows the authority to prepare the salary bill of every employee of the Government of Rajasthan State.

Hence, the payslip that employees view online is prepared by the Pay Manager Pay Bill. The pay bill of a particular region under the jurisdiction of the Treasury is prepared by the respective DDOs.

Other than preparing Pay Bill statements Pay-manager 2 also facilitates the preparation of DA Arrears, Bonuses, Arrears, and encashment Bills of employees’ Leave. Therefore, every single detail you check on your Pay Manager2 slip is prepared online by the pay.manager Bill Preparation System.

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