SBI HRMS – Pensioners & Employee Portal Login

Login at and check SBI HRMS Staff, Pensioners, employee payslips, salary slips & pension details online from the new SBIHRMS Portal.

First of all, the salary slip or payslip is issued for each month. So, once the salary or pensions of the employees have been paid off, one can generate the payslip online. Hence, employees download their payslips to be aware of certain details.

Details relating to the date of salary payment, tax projections, PF, GPF deductions, etc. Employees can also be aware of their total number of working days for that specific month.

Other than being a slip, the SBI HRMS payslip is a crucial document. Any SBI employee can ascertain their employment by showing their monthly salary slip. For instance, during loan requests, you can produce your salary slip to confirm your employment.

Since HRMS SBI maintains the salary slip record of an employee from the month of joining. Hence, employees can access their payslip details not only of the present month but the slip of any month they desire.

SBI HRMS Portal Login Online

Now when you need your payslip you must follow the official norms. In other words, you have to complete your SBI HRMS portal login at So every employee must log in if they are to gain access to their payslip details.

To complete your login, you need a user id or username and a password. Please be advised that without the user id or password the SBIHRMS portal does not grant access to your payslip even if you are an SBI employee.

Therefore, in terms of SBI HRMS’s new portal login, your user id and password are mandatory requirements. But if you have the correct user id and password then all you need to do is follow some steps to complete the process.


Readers who are not yet familiar with the login process can relax because we got you covered. To help you with your login we did some study to prepare the best and most simple login steps.

STEP 1. Make sure you visit the official website of the SBI HRMS Portal. Here is the link to the official portal

STEP 2. Once you are on the homepage look for the login option at the top right corner of the page. When you see it click on it to proceed.

STEP 3. Now the Login page should be displayed on your screen. So enter your USER ID and Password. Then you can click on the Login option.

STEP 4. On the next page, you will need to click on the VIEW PAYSLIP option.

STEP 5. Now you can view your payslip. To get the payslip of the specific month you must select the desired month and year and then click on the view payslip.

SBI HRMS Portal Visit Here
Official Portal

Information that you can see on SBIHRMS Portal

After logging in to SBI HRMS Portal you can use the following services online.

  • Salary/Payslip
  • Pension
  • See Pension Plan
  • Loan Status
  • Account Balance
  • Apply for 4 in 1
  • Set Nomination of PF
  • SBI Holiday Dates schedule
  • Account Statement and Transactions
  • Raise online complaints & view status

HRMS SBI Login Password Recovery

After the login steps here we would like our readers to be aware of the process to reset or change their HRMS SBI login password. Many employees forget their password and are unable to create a new password which certainly does not help while trying to log in.

So in this section, you can check the complete process of changing your password in case you cannot remember your old one. Employees who wish to change their password for their reason can check out this process.

To be able to change your HRMS SBI Login password you need to complete the following steps. But make sure that you have a stable internet connection and an active mobile number or email address.

  • For the first step of the process, you have to visit the website of SBI HRMS viz,
  • At the homepage click on the Login option.
  • When the login portal appears you need to select the link that says Forgot Password? Click Here.
  • Once you have clicked on the link the portal takes you to the password recovery portal.  Here you need to enter your USER ID and your official Date of Birth. Then click on Submit Button.
  • Finally, your new password will be sent to your registered email address.

SBI HRMS Pensioners Self Service

Every SBI pensioner can also check their SBI HRMS pension payslip details at Like every other employee, SBI pensioners also need to follow the official instructions laid out by the organization.

Every pensioner with the desire to check their pension details must first log in to the official portal of SBIHRMS. As you know that to complete the login you are going to need your user id and password.

If you already possess the correct user id and password then we can help you with the steps that you need to follow. The steps mentioned down below can help you with your login and eventually access your SBI pensioner’s pay details.

  1. Go to the official HRMS SBI Portal or click on this link (
  2. When the homepage appears to look at the top right corner of the page there you will see the Login option. You need to click on the Login option.
  3. Now the login portal appears. Here you need to enter your USER ID and Password. Then you can click on the Login option.
  4. On the next page, you need to select the PENSION SLIP option.
  5. Finally, you can check the pension details for any month that you desire.

HRMS SBI Portal Services

All employees or users who have a question like what is the main use of the HRMS Portal? and what is HRMS Portal & How can I log in to SBI HRMS? then here we will give you complete information about these basic queries.

SBI HRMS portal is generally made for the SBI employees and this portal helps them to check their monthly salary slip, pension slip, PF, Loan, Leave, and other beneficial information related to all details in one click.

You just need to enter your Login username and password to access your profile in the HRMS SBI portal.


State Bank of India enhances the HRMS Portal and provides many facilities on the homepage of the HRMS Portal. Using this SBI HRMS IRJ Login you can access the salary slip, your profile dashboards, and recruitment, and promotion-related details.

Board takes this initiative to provide a professional environment to its employees. SBI HRMS Portal and SBI e-Learning portal help you get the SBI new scheme, new rules, regulations, and certificates related to all details.


SBI launched new software called SAP. SAP stands for system analysis and programming. This software is developed to get details about the capital management department and ERP-related access. Using this SB HRMS SAP you can get easy access the financial and human resources.

SBI Salary Slip

This is a special feature for all the employees of the State Bank of India. HRMS SBI portal provides login details to all its employees where they can check monthly salary slips, promotions, achievements,s, and rewards related to all details online.

You need to log in to your SBI HRMS portal and then easily you can check the monthly payslip.

SBI HRMS Pension/ Retirement

State Bank of India provided one more facility to its retired employees. This HRMS Coin facility is associated with the SBI Pension plans. Using this portal you can log in to the portal and can check your pension and PF details online. You just need to log in to your account and then easily check all details.

Using this HRMS SBI portal you can take advantage of this portal for Pension. SBI existing and retired employees can check their pension status online by login into the SBI portal. You do not need to visit the branch to check your pension status.

SBI HRMS Mobile App

Now the State Bank of India launched its mobile application. Using My HRMS mobile application you can download or check all the details on your mobile phone. You do not need to visit the online portal again and again. Just click on the app and log in to your account and easily check all the details on your mobile.

Using this SBI HRMS Mobile app you can check salary slips, pensions, holiday calendars, loan statuses, account balances, transaction history, nomination histories, and many more details.

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Here below are some of the questions that we thought were basic but important for our readers. Therefore, among several questions, we decided to mention these questions and their answer to help our readers with their queries.

How to download the SBI HRMS payslip?

First, visit the official website and then click on the login. Once you have completed your login and have access to your payslip account you can download the payslip by clicking the print or download icon.

How to reset my HRMS Login Password?

You can reset your password online at the SBI HRMS new portal. We have provided the complete process in the article, so you can check that particular section.

How to get a login id and password?

Once you have been recruited by the bank your username and password will be created by the respective organization. So a few days after your recruitment the HRMS provides you with your SBI HRMS login details. In case you do not receive such details then you can contact the SBI HRMS department and request a new login id and password.

Who can able to access SBI New HRMS Portal?

Only State Bank of India & Group’s current retired employees, and controllers can able to use this portal.

The State Bank Of India or SBI is the largest bank in India formed on 5th July 1955. It is an Indian multinational, public sector bank, and a government corporation statutory body. The headquarter of SBI is located in Mumbai Maharashtra.

The State Bank of India was formed after merging the Bank of Calcutta, Bank of Mumbai, Bank of Madras, and Imperial Bank of India. Although it was formerly known as the Imperial Bank of India.

As of March 2019, the bank had a total number of 257,252 employees, which has increased in the last year. The SBI being a multinational banking giant serves in more than 22, 010 locations.

So being one of the largest banks the SBI requires a large number of employees. Hence, every year a large number of aspirants are recruited through the SBI recruitment exams conducted by IBPS.

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