Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023 Employee Payslip Online

To get your Sevarth Mahakosh payment slip online, log in to the website and get the payslip easily. On the official website, you can check your Sevarth payment slip online. You can also visit this website in case you wish to change your sevarth login password. The sevarth application is a portal developed by the Maharashtra government. This portal offers several online services to the employees and pensioners of the Maharashtra state government. The primary priority of the portal is to prepare the monthly salary bills of the state government employees. Hence, every employee can get their monthly Sevarth Mahakosh payslip online through the Sevarth portal. Hence, with the help of the Sevarth portal employees can easily gain access to their monthly salary details. Furthermore, pensioners can also benefit from such services since it allows them to check their pension details. So, here in this article, we are going to discuss the Sevarth Mahakosh payment slip details. Specifically, the Sevaarth payslip login process, Mahakosh Sevarth login password changing process, etc.

Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip 2023

Now after a brief description of the use of Sevarth Mahakosh payslip here we are going to tell you how to complete your login. In other words here you can check how to download your monthly Sevaarth employee payment slip online. Since employees of every state department can download the payslip from Mahakosh. Thus, to check your payslip details you need your unique user id and password. Every employee must use their login credentials to log in before they can check or download their Sevarth payment slip. Basically, without your login credentials access to your payslip is not permitted. STEP 1. The first step of the process is to visit the official website of Mahakosh STEP 2. Now on the homepage of the sevarth portal, you can see the login section on the right side. There you need to enter your username, password, and captcha code.
Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip
Sevarth Mahakosh Payment Slip
STEP 3. Once you have entered the credentials you can click on the Submit option. STEP 4. If you have entered the correct credentials the system will display a new page. Here on this page go to the Employee Corner Reports. Among various options, you should click on the View Payslip option. STEP 5. Then you will need to select the month and year. Then click on the view payslip option. STEP 6. To get a printout of the payslip click on the print option. You can click on the save option to download a pdf copy.
Sevarth Mahakosh payslip Click Here
Official Website

Sevarth Mahakosh Payslip Login Password Reset/Change

With the correct login credentials, you can complete your login without any trouble. However, in case you fail to provide the correct details then the system does not allow you to log in. In other words, you cannot check the payslip that you desire. Therefore, having the correct login credentials is mandatory. So here we are going to help you create a new password for your login because most employees cannot log in due to incorrect passwords. Although, if you forget your password you can create a new one. But to do so you must be aware of the process. Hence, in this section, you can check out the steps to reset the sevarth login password. So these are the steps that you need to take in case you cannot remember your mahakosh sevarth payslip password. Now as per the norm to change your password you must request your respective DDO.
  • First, you need to visit the official website of the sevarth payslip (www,
  • As soon as you are on the homepage go to the login section. There you need to enter the DDO username and password and the displayed captcha code.
  • On the next page, you need to go to the Work option there click on the Payroll option. Then select the Changes option and finally click on the Reset Employee Password.
  • For the final step enter your username and other required details. Finally, you can click on the verify and reset the password.
  • Once you see the option that says Password has been successfully updated you can use your new password.

Sevaarth Pension Payslip Login

The ex-employees of the government of Maharashtra can also use the official sevarth portal. Through this portal, one can get updated with their latest pension payment details. However, to avail themselves of this service pensioners must also complete the login procedure. Now you must be aware that to complete your login you need your user id and password. Therefore, if you have those credentials ready then all you need to do is follow the instructions mentioned below.
  1. Go to the official website of the Sevaarth payslip (
  2. Enter your login username and password. Then enter the captcha code and click on the submit option.
  3. On the next page click on the Pension Report option.
  4. Enter your PPO number to get access to your pension details.
  5. You can take a printout or download a copy of your pension payment details.
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Mahakosh Sevarth Payement Slip at

Now every individual working as an employee of the state government can check their monthly salary slip online. Thus, regardless of your department to be aware of your monthly salary payment details you must visit the official Sevarth portal. The monthly payslip allows every individual to be able to regularly check their payment record. Hence, in case you wish to check the payment details for a certain month then you can generate the payslip for that particular month. Other than your salary details you can also be aware of the total amount of deductions made for income tax, PF, GPF, etc. Therefore, the monthly Mahakosh Sevarth payment slip is a crucial piece of document for every employee.

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