TN Treasury – ECS Status Pensioners, Epayslip, DDO Token Wise Report

TN Treasury:¬†Check ECS Status for pensioners, Govt employees & DDO Token Wise Report online from the Tamil Nadu Treasury portal. However, along with ECS status, you can check your TN Treasury e-payroll or payslip details. To know more about your TN Treasury ECS login, DDO list TN you can the following sections. Furthermore, know how to get TN Treasury DDO wise report. So we assure you that by the end of this article your problems will be solved. Hence, all you need to do is check out the contents below. Any information related to your TN Treasury e-payroll, or ECS Status can be important. There are other details mentioned in this article. Details such as how to complete TN-Treasury Pensioners’ registration. Readers should also check out the process to create new TN-Treasury Pensioners’ login passwords. In the latter section of this article, we have also mentioned some important Tamil Nadu Treasury faqs. Basically, this article can be the ultimate source of information for those in need. Hence, if you are an employee or a pensioner belonging to the state of Tamil Nadu then we suggest you check out this article. By the end of this article, you should have every detail that you require.
TN Treasury ECS Status
TN Treasury ECS Status

ECS Status Of Government Employee

Other than checking your TN Treasury payslip details through e-payroll login. Employees can also check the details with the help of their GPF number. Compared to that the log-in checking payslip detail with GPF numbers takes time. However, if you cannot log in then you can opt for the GPF number facility. Do not be concerned with the process because we have the complete process down below. So if you want to check TN. Treasury E-payroll by GPF number then the following steps tell you how to do it. STEP 1. Go to the official website of the Tamil Nadu Treasury portal. You can link to this link ( STEP 2. When you click on this page the homepage of TN. Treasury ECS status appears. There are three different options but you have to select the first option viz Click here for ECS Status of Government Employee. STEP 3. Now the next page the Detailed Report By GPF number appears. To proceed on to the net page click on this option. STEP 4. Then the ECS Information By Employee page appears. Here you have to provide the required details. Make sure you have these mandatory details. STEP 5. Once you have entered the required details you can click on the Submit option. STEP 6. To get a copy of your ECS status you can click on the Print option.
TNTreasury ePayroll Click Here
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ECS Status for Pensioners

In our previous section, we provided information on TN. Treasury ECS status for government servants. So here we have covered every detail regarding ECS status for pensioners’. Like every current employee, the pensioners’ are able to check their respective ECS status. As a matter of fact, pensioners can check the ECS status online at Furthermore, the portal of TN-Treasury has developed a portal exclusively for pensioners. So in order to check your ECS details, you have to access the pensioners portal. However, it would be easier for the pensioners to go to the TN-Treasury pensioners portal. In order to check their ECS status, pensioners must first log in with their prefix, PPO Number, and password. To complete your TN Treasury ECS pensioners login you can follow these steps below. Once you are able to log in you should have access to your Karuvoolam ECS Status of pensioners’ detail. STEP 1. The initial step for pensioners is to visit the official website of the TN-Treasury ( On the homepage, you have to click on (Click here for ECS Status of Pensioners). When you click on this option it takes yours to the Tamil Nadu pensioners portal. OR You can go to the official TN-Treasury pensioners portal. Here is the link to the portal that you can click ( STEP 2. On the right top corner of the portal, you can see the login section. Here you can complete your login. Enter your Prefin number, PPO Number, and your password. You must also enter the captcha code. STEP 3. You can click on the login option once you have entered your details. It takes a few minutes for the portal to display your ECS status details. STEP 4. Finally, you can check your ECS Status for pensioners’. Now if you want to download the details click on the download icon or print option.

Pensioners’ ECS Login Password Recovery

As we mentioned to complete your login you need your prefix number, PPO number, and password. So if you forget any of these then you may not be able to log in. Now in case, you cannot remember your prefix number of PPO numbers you can check it on your pension documents. However, if you don’t remember your password then you have to create a new one. If you have the means to remember your password then you can check it. But, in case you don’t have any option ultimately you need to create a new password. Creating a new password takes time but not more than 10 minutes. You can reset your password from the pensioners’ portal. Here below you can check the steps to create new Pensioners’ ECS login password. STEP 1. Like we said you can reset your password at the TN pensioners’ portal. So here click this link ( STEP 2. On the homepage, you can see the login section in the right top corner. Here you have to click on the Forgot Password option. STEP 3. When you click on the option the portal displays the password recovery portal. You then need to enter your Prefix number, PPO Number, and your registered mobile number, Then you have to type your new password, then confirm the new password. At last, enter the captcha code displayed on your screen. STEP 4. Finally, you then need to click on the Submit option. You have successfully created a new password.

TN Treasury Pensioners Registration

In order to avail yourself of the TN Pensioners’ services, you must first register with the portal. As per the norms, you can register online at the pensioners’ portal. On the basis of our research, the TN Treasury pensioners’ portal has a total of 48, 322 registered users. Hence, you can be one of those individuals if you are able to register with the portal. To register with the portal you should have your prefix number, PPO number, and PAN number. You also need an active mobile number (personal). So you can register with the portal only after you have provided these details. Although we said that you can register online but you must be aware of the steps that you need to take. So to make things easier for you here we have mentioned the complete steps for registration. So if you wish to know how to complete TN Treasury pensioners’ registration. Then you must check out the following steps. Make sure to have a stable internet connection.
  • For registration, you first have to go to the official Tamil Nadu Pensioners’ Portal. Here we have the link to the website, so just click on the link (
  • When you have reached the homepage of the portal look for the pensioners’ login section. In the login section, you should be able to see the NEW USER/ REGISTER HERE option. So you need to click on this option.
  • On the next page, you need to provide mandatory details for your registration. SO make sure to have your prefix number, PPO number, and PAN card number.
  • Then once you have entered your personal detail you need to create a new password. Once you create a new password you have to confirm it.
  • At last, you can click on the Submit option. You may have to wait for a few minutes for the system to complete your verification and ultimately your Tamil Nadu Pensioner registration.

TN Treasury DDO Token Wise Report

On the official website, you can also check the TN Treasury DDO Token wise report. So, individuals in need of such a report may visit the website of TN. Treasury viz, However, there are details that you need to know if you want to check DDO token-wise report online. Such details include the DDO code and password. So, make sure to have these details before you try to check the report. As per the instructions you can check your DDO token-wise report through the sub-treasury under each district. So if you don’t wish to visit the Treasury office you get your DDO report then check it online from home. We are going to help you check the DDO token-wise report online. All you need is a laptop or a computer with a stable internet connection. Then you need to follow the steps that we have mentioned below.
  1. To check your DDO token-wise report you have to go to the TN-Treasury website (
  2. On the homepage, you can see three different options. Here you have to click on the last option viz Click here for the DDO Token Wise report.
  3. The search page appears. On this page mention the necessary details. So first select your District and your Sub-Treasury. Now enter the DDO code and password. Then click on the submit option.
  4. Finally, you should be able to see your DDO token-wise report. You can download or print a copy of the report as per your preference.

TN Treasury ECS Status Details

As we know that the employees can check their payslips each month. Since the TN Treasury keeps a personal record of every government employee. Hence this allows the employees to be aware of their monthly Karuvoolam e-payroll. The monthly TN-Treasury payslip is much more than just a payroll receipt. It officially, approves the individual being a government employee. Hence, such validation can be useful for the employees. So, employees should make sure to generate their payslips when required. In case you are unaware of the details contained in the TN Treasury payslip. Then we ought to tell you the information that can be acquired when you generate the payslip. First, of all, the payslip provides you with the complete payment transaction detail. So every transaction that occurred in a particular month will be mentioned in the payslip of that month respectively. For instance, if you wish to check the transaction details for December. Then you can get the details by generating the payslip for December. Other than your salary transaction details you can check the transaction details of their payments. Now other than your salary, you can check the deductions of your GPF & PF, and loan installments (if any). The payslip also shows the amount paid as income tax projections. Along with the payment details, there are certain personal details mentioned. Personal details such as the employee code, name, and current available balance. Employees can also be aware of the total number of days they worked in a particular month. Hence, every employee must make sure to check their monthly payslip. In case you need to check your TN. Treasury payslip from home then you must know the process. So to know more about the process you should check out the following section.

TN Treasury ECS Status Login

To get their monthly TN Treasury e-payslip the employees have to clear the TN. Treasury ECS status login. In order to check your ECS status for government employees visit For current government employees, the TN-Treasury portal provides exclusive access. So, you must select the correct portal available for the ECS status of government employees. So you should be able to take the necessary steps. Furthermore, employees must have the necessary details. In order to check your ECS status, you first need to provide the required details. As per our knowledge, you must produce District Treasury, GPF Number, Sub Treasury, and Suffix. Hence, without these details, you may not be able to check your ECS status of government employees. All information must be correct. If you have the details with you then you can check your ECS status without any trouble. Now it’s time you know how to check the TN Treasury ECS status of Government employees. Below are the steps that can help you check your ECS status. These steps can also assist you to download your E-payroll details. Make sure you have a proper internet connection.
  • You need to go to the office TN-Treasury e-payroll login portal. Here’s the link to the portal ( ).
  • When the login page appears, you have to enter the required details. So at the login page enter your Employee Code & Suffix ( Department). Then enter your Date of Birth.
  • Now click on the login option to complete your TN, Treasury E-payslip login.
  • The portal also allows employees to download or take a printout of their e-payroll details. So avail yourself of such service and select your preferred option.
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Now it’s time we take a look at some of the TN Treasury FAQs. Although there were a number of questions asked, however, we have mentioned the question that seemed rather important.

What is ECS Status?

First, of all ECS stands for Electronic Clearing System. This system particularly allows individuals to make online payments to any bank. The TN Treasury has implemented the ECS that enables them to make online payments such as salaries, pensions, etc.

With ECS the payments are made directly to the account holder. In order to confirm the success of the transaction, you can check the TN-Treasury ECS status for government employees and pensioners online. So you need to visit the official website of the Tamil Nadu Treasury.

How to Download TN E-payroll?

Go to the TN E-payslip portal ( The login page opens. So you need to enter your login details. Enter your Employee Code, then select your Siffix or Department. Now you have to enter your Date of Birth. Then click on the Login option.

How to check Karuvoolam ECS Status?

To check the Karuvoolam ECS Status you first need to visit the official website viz On this website, you can check your ECS status by clicking the ECS option. Once you click on the ECS option the portal then redirects you to the official TN Treasury portal. There on the homepage, you can click on the desired service.

How can I check my ECS status?

To get your ECS Status online you have to follow the given procedure. First, visit the official website. Now three options ECS Status Of Government Employee, ECS Status for Pensioners, and DDO Token Wise Report will appear in front of you. Now choose what you want to check.

How to get DDO List Tamil Nadu Treasury?

Those who need the TN Treasury DDO code list can get the DDO codes online. The DDO codes can be important in cases of submitting TN.Treasury.DDO requests. Furthermore, it is mandatory to acquire the TN Treasury DDO token-wise report.
Since the DDO Code for each department is different, hence you should check the DDO code for your department. Rather than going to the website and looking for the codes, you can download the complete DDO Code list from our website.
You can click on the link that we have provided below. Once you click the link it opens the complete DDO Code list TN. Treasury PDF. SO help your selves.

How to download Tamil Nadu Treasury Forms?

Individuals can download the TN Treasury forms online from So if you are looking for a TN Treasury challan form, bill form, etc. then you should visit the website.

On the homepage, of the TN Karuvoolam, you can see the Form section just below e-governance on the left side of the page.

When you place your cursor in the forms section you can see forms for different aspects. So you need to select the desired category.

Here is the list of forms that you can download online:

-> Bill Forms Proposed.
-> Challan Forms.
-> AIS ( GIS) Forms.
-> Pension FOrms.
-> Service Particulars

About Tamil Nadu Treasury

The Tamil Nadu Treasury originally operated under the control of the Revenue Department. Finally, when the Pay and Accounts Office was established in Chennai in 1954, the treasuries came under the control of the Finance Department. Based on our report the Department of Treasuries was formed in 1962. With this Directorate, every District Treasury in the State and Sub-Treasuries then came under the Treasuries and Accounts Department or rather Finance Department. Presently, the Office of the Commissioner of Treasuries and Account headquarters, Chennai governs the following list of offices.
  • 6 Pay and Account Offices
  • 3 Sub Pay and Account Offices
  • 6 Offices of Regional Joint Directors of Treasuries and Accounts.
  • 32 District Treasuries.
  • 243 Sub Treasuries
  • 1 Pension Pay Office in Chennai
  • 1 Office of Assistant Superintendent of Stamps.
The TN Treasury plays an important role for the employees and pensioners of the state of Tamil Nadu. With the development and implementation of the TN Treasury website, people don’t need to visit the treasury office. The official portal of the TN-Treasury offers services related to financial details such as TN Treasury employee payslips, TNTreasury Pensioners payslip details, etc.

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