WBIFMS Pay Slip 2023 WBIFMS Login @wbifms.gov.in

WBIFMS Pay Slip 2023: Get to know how to check your monthly WBIFMS employee payslip online at the official portal. You can visit www.wbifms.gov.in for WBIFMS login, forgot password, or registration.

Every individual or employee of the Government of West Bengal can avail themselves of the WBIFMS services. Particularly in terms of their monthly salary slips. So, the good news is that you can check your salary slip online at any time.

Employees can access their payslips through the WBIFMS portal. If necessary you can download the payslip online. Most employees download their payslip because it approves of them being government employees.

Otherwise, the employee checks their payslip online to be aware of their monthly salary details. Also, the salary payslip can help you stay updated with your monthly tax payments.

The payslip also helps the employee to check their GPF, PF, and loan installment (if any) deductions. Employees can check the payslip of any month, even the payslip of their first month of service.

WBIFMS Pay Slip 2023 Online Login On wbifms.gov.in

Since the WBIFMS generates the payslip for almost every government department. Thus to identify the employee the portal verifies the login credentials of the visitor. So, login is mandatory for an employee to access their payslips.

Now the login procedure is like any other process. However, you must know where to log in. Therefore, to help you with the right process we came up with our procedure.

Hence, you can take the following steps when you need to log in to check your salary slip.

STEP 1. First, you should only check your payslip through the WBIFMS portal. So, go to the official website of WBIFMS. Here is the official link so just click on this link (www.wbifms.gov.in).

STEP 2. When the homepage of the portal is displayed look at the right (your right) side of the page. There you can see the log-in option, so click on it.

STEP 3. Now you have opened the WBIFMS login portal. Here you need to enter your USER ID and PASSWORD.


STEP 4. After entering your credentials click the login option.

STEP 5. Once the portal has verified your credentials it grants you access to your WBIFMS payslip details.

WBIFMS Payslip Login Click Here
Official Website www.wbifms.gov.in

WBIFMS Login Password Recovery Steps

When you cannot remember your password then you need to get a new one through www.wbifms.gov.in. There is a particular process that can help you create a new password for future login.

So, heed the following information because the process is made up of these steps. Therefore, to get a new password you should follow these instructions exactly as they are laid out.

STEP 1. You can create a new password only through the WBIFMS portal, or login portal to be specific. Hence, click on this link www.wbifms.gov.in to go to the login portal.

STEP 2. On the login page, you should be able to see the FORGOT PASSWORD option. When you see it click on it.

STEP 3. On the next page, you should enter your Employee Id OR Employee Number, registered mobile number. Also, make sure to enter the Captcha code displayed on your screen.

STEP 4. After entering the entire information click RESET

STEP 5. Once the verification is complete the system sends a new password to your mobile number. Finally, you can use that password to login in the future.

WBIFMS Registration Online Process

To check your WBIFMS salary payslip employees need to log in with their credentials. But first, before you can log in, you must be registered with the WB IFMS portal. Unregistered employees cannot log in let alone check their payslip at www.wbifms.gov.in.

Hence, if you are not registered then make sure you first register and then avail yourself of the WBIFM E-services for employees. Now if you are looking for instructions then you are looking for the following steps.

  • All employees must register online exclusively at the official website. So, to get there you can click on this link www.wbifms.gov.in.
  • Once you have access to the homepage look for E-services for Employees. Under this section, you will have to select SIGN UP FOR REGISTRATION.
  • The registration portal opens in a new tab. Now go to the registration page and enter the information required. You need to enter your Employee id OR Employee number, Mobile Number ( Personal and active). You must also enter their Captcha code.
  • Then you can click the REGISTER option.
  • Once you click Register, a new page opens for OTP verification. The OTP is sent to your mobile number. So enter the OTP for verification purposes.
  • After verifying the OTP you need to tick the DECLARATION and then click on CREATE MY ACCOUNT.
  • You will then receive your credentials on your registered mobile. Your Employee id will be your Employee number.

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Here is some additional information related to the WBIFMS employee payslips. So check out the following content it can be helpful if you have queries.

How to download WBIFMS Pay Slip PDF?

Once you have successfully logged in and had access to your payslip account you can download the desired payslip. To download the WBIFMS Pay Slip pdf you can click on SAVE or Download option.

WBIFMS Payslip APP Download?

You can download the official WBIFMS payslip mobile application exclusively from the WBIFMS portal. Check out the download process below.

-> Go to  www.wbifms.gov.in.
-> On the homepage look for WBIFMS mobile app. Place your cursor there and select the Mobile Android app OR Mobile app iOS.
-> The next is to click on the INSTALL option,
-> Once the app is installed login into your account and check your payslip on your mobile.

How to check WBIFMS Payment Status?

To know your payment status you will need to follow the official directive. However, the following steps sum up the entire process. So with the help of these steps, you can check your WBIFMS payment status.

-> Visit (www.wbifms.gov.in).
-> On the homepage select ” KNOW YOUR PAYMENT STATUS”.
-> On the next page enter your IFSC code, Bank Account Number, and Registered mobile number.
-> Now you can click the SUBMIT button. Then enter the Captcha code.
-> Your payment status will be displayed on the next page.


The WBIFMS or West Bengal Integrated Financial Management System was developed for better administration. WBIFMS was implemented when the entire Fund Management System was being considered to be reconstructed.

With the introduction of WBIFMS, the government aimed to improve control over the receipts and expenditures of the State. Finally, on 1st April 2014 the WB IFMS an online platform was in effect. It integrates all Departments, Directorates, Districts, Regional Block Offices, etc.

Basically, the objective of WB IFMS was to monitor the financial section of every government department. Departments such as DDOs, Treasuries, Public Account Administrators, and Employees. It is a centralized monitoring online software and operates from the State Data Center West Bengal.

With the services of  WBIFMS, the government of West Bengal issues the monthly salary payslip of its employees online. Furthermore, services such as WBIFMS payslips, WB e-pension, and WB IFMS payment status are available for government employees.

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