MPPTCL Pay Slip 2023 Employee PF, Monthly Annual Payslip

You can get your online MPPTCL Payslip Monthly, Annually at the MPPTCL website via, So if you wish to check your MPPTCL pay slip then visit the official website.

Every employee of MPPTC is entitled to check their monthly or annual salary slip details. Hence, every MPPTCL employee can check the payslip online at the official website.

Being an MPPTCL employee you can check your monthly and annual payslip details. Furthermore, you can gain access to your EPF details through the website of organization.

The employees can check the payslip at any time they desire since the portal maintains the record of every month. So, if you ever need to check your payslip be it monthly or annual you can always check it online.

MPPTCL Pay Slip 2023 Online Download

The MPPTCL monthly payslip allows the employees of the organization to be aware of the details related to their salary. With the help of the payslip, one can be aware of the date of salary payment.

However, there is additional information that one can gather from the payslip. Such details would be the number of tax projections, GPF, loan installments (if any) deductions, etc.

In this section, we are going to tell you how to download your MPPTCL monthly payslip online. So make sure when you need to check your payslip you follow these simple steps given below.

STEP 1. First, you need to visit the official website. you can click on this link (

STEP 2. When you click on this link it will take you to the homepage. On the homepage go to the option that says PERSONNEL. Then select the EMPLOYEE CORNER.

STEP 3. Under the EMPLOYEE CORNER, you will see three different options. But you need to click on the MONTHLY PAYSLIP option.

STEP 4. Soon after your click on the monthly payslip option, the portal takes you to the login portal.

STEP 5. Now you need to enter your login / USER ID and password. Then click on the Login option.


STEP 6. Your monthly payslip details will be displayed on your screen.

MPPTCL Pay Slip Click Here
Official Website

MPPTCL Annual Payslip, GPF, EPF Details

Other than monthly payslips employees can also get hold of their MPPTCL annual payslip. Employees can get their annual payslips exclusively from the official website of the organization.

With the help of the annual payslip, employees can get the details of the complete payment related to their salary, tax, PF, and installment deductions. They can also check the total number of working days, and leave taken on that particular year.

So basically, the annual payslip is similar to the monthly payslip, however, it offers the annual details. Furthermore, check your annual payslip by following specific steps.

Here below you can check the complete process. So, if you need to check your MPPTCL annual payslip then you can take these simple steps.

  • First, go to the
  • At the homepage place your cursor on the PERSONNEL section, and then on the EMPLOYEE CORNER.
  • Under the EMPLOYEE CORNER, click on the ANNUAL PAYSLIP option.
  • Now you should be on the login portal. Here enter your login id and password then click on the login option.
  • If your credentials are correct then you should be able to see your payslip details on your screen.


The Employees’ Provident Fund or the MPPTCL EPF of every employee is maintained by the organization. Hence, every month after the payment of the salary a certain amount is deducted and deposited into the PF account of the individual.

Now such deduction and deposition happen every month for every employee of the MPPTCL. The employees receive their respective PF when it matures or when they retire.

Therefore, starting from the month of joining to the month of retirement the PF of an employee is maintained by the employer. Now the employees can time to time check on their MPPTCL EPF details.

To check their PF details, the employees should follow the payslip procedure. However, certain steps must be taken to access the PF record.

Below we have given the complete guidelines for those who want to check their GPF. So just make sure to follow these instructions.

  1. You need to visit the official website or click on this link (
  2. On the homepage go to the PERSONNEL section, under this section go to the EMPLOYEE CORNER then click on the EMPLOYEE PF DETAILS.
  3. Now you need your PF account number and your password. So enter your PF account number and your password. Then click on the Submit option.
  4. Once your credentials are verified your MPPTCL PF details should be displayed on your screen.

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We would like to end our article with some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the MPPTCL payslip. So, here we are going to include some of the questions and their answers.

So if you have queries related to the topic of this article then you should check out these FAQs.We have included just the basic questions, so you may find these useful in days to come.

How to download MPPTCL Payslip?

To download your MPPTCL payslip you first need to complete your login. Once you have logged in and have access to your payslip details then you can complete the download. To download you can either click on the print icon or click on the save or download option to obtain a payslip pdf.

How to change the MPPTCL Login password?

To change the password you first need to submit a written request to The Webmaster, MPPTCL. Along with that, you need to produce certain details such as User ID (Employee No. OR Location code), User Name (Name of Employee OR Name of Office), and Personal Mobile Number ( Active).

NOTE: You also need a scanned image of your recommendation which must be forwarded through email.

How to download MPPTCL PF?

To download your EPF, you will need to complete the login and then once you have access to your MPPTCL GPF account you can download it.


The MPPTCL is an electricity generation company and among many PSU owned by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. However,  It was incorporated on 22nd November 2001. It operates under the Operation and Management Agreement with MPSEB signed on 1st July 2002.

The company envisions being among the top transmission utilities in the entire country ensuring quality, reliability, and efficiency. Furthermore, the company also emphasizes creating a motivating environment for the employees, developing, and training the employees.

The company offers an attractive salary package to its employees. Now those recruited by the company receive a monthly salary which can be confirmed through the monthly payslip.

Now other than the salary, the company also assures the employees of their GPF. The employees can also check their MPPTCL EPF details online at the official website of the company.

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